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KFT Factory

About Us

You Dream it , We'll sharp it !!!

Kwan Fung : Who we are

Kwan Fung Precision has been providing round carbide cutting tools to the worldwide metal working industry for over ten years. During this time our tools have earned a well-deserved reputation for superior performance while our company has earned a reputation for superior customer service. Superior performance and superior customer service go hand-in-hand – without either, the other is without value to the customer.


KFT strives to satisfy each customer by continually improving our products and service. This continual improvement is possible because of the skill and dedication of each and every KFT associate.


KFT is also committed to continuing to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. KFT has been registered to the ISO standards since 1995 and remains so today. This is our way of telling our customers that they can be assured that the KFT Quality Management System is in place and working…for them.”

KFT Solid Carbide Tool

Passion For Excellence

Manufacture economically. The precision, quality and performance of our tools improve your profits effectively.

Challenging The Limit

We know a lot about materials and their properties. Production at Kwan Fung is amongst the most precise in the world.

Striving For Perfection

Cutting tools from Kwan Fung: for machining with the highest technological standards and performance.

Our Mission

We Aim to Help our Partner 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality carbide cutting tools to our customers, while also providing a positive environment for our employees. We take pride in the products that leave our facility, knowing the time and effort that has gone into each one.


Our years of experience and expert machining skills allow us to have the goal of making every new customer a returning customer. The quality of our tooling speaks for itself and is the driving force for the growth of our company. 


The KFT Family along with their employees are passionate and caring about the service we are providing to our customers. Supporting our employees and our local community as if they were our family is our most valued commitment.

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