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Solid Carbide Cutting Tool

Reliable Solid Cutting tool Supplier

Our goal is to provide reliable carbide tool with affordable price

Kwan Fung Precision : Who We Are

We are solid carbide cutting tool manufacturer basic at Hong Kong. Our mission is provide our customer high-efficiently, cost-effectively, and eco-friendly cutting tools to fulfill diverse cutting needs.

Our professional staff will personally work with you throughout the order process with our goal being to offer custom design, fast turnaround and total customer satisfaction. The Kwan Fung supply team works with one mission; To produce the best high-performance carbide endmills in the market.



Premium solid carbide

We only use the most reliable solid carbide supplier to provide stable performance. Also, we study the each application and match the suitable carbide rod material.


State-of-the-art Grinding Technology

We equip with high precision Rollomatic 5 axis grinding machine from Switzerland and Helitronic Power 5 axis grinding machine from Walter Germany.


Advanced R & D Department

We use fine element analysis software and equip with DMG MORI milling center dedicated on test cut. Constantly improve our product offering high-efficiently, cost-effectively, and eco-friendly cutting tool


Advanced Coating Systems

Our in house coating center offer consistently high level of coating quality. Our know-how help design the coating that most suitable for your application


World Class Research and Development team

Our products are designed by our R&D team while working with the best solid carbide tool designers. Our R&D team have a top of the line CNC milling center allowing for in-house testing as well as rapid trouble shooting and solutions.

Our standard

​We Offer a Wide Range of Product Line to Meet Your Needs

From standard to specialized, we have the cutting tools you need to take your machining to the next level. With over 2000 different tools fully stocked, our wide range of products will meet all of your cutting needs. No matter the application, we have the right tool for the job. Shop with us today and experience the precision and performance that sets us apart.


Master Series 

Master series is designed to provide maximum metal removal rates with four unequally spaced flutes for roughing and finishing operations in side milling, slotting, and profiling. A wide range of diameters and corner configurations,such as chamfer, radii, and sharp edges.


Titan Series

Titan series was specifically developed for machining hardened materials. The Titan end mill is the specialist for the requirements of hard milling due to a very high wear-resistant sub-micro grain carbide substrate combined with a PVD applied TIAlN coating. Ball nose end mills and torus end mills with tight tolerances are available for the die and mold industry.


Micro Tool

Our range of micro solid carbide end mills consists of square end mills and ballnose cutters with small cutting diameters. Universal tools are applicable for common workpiece materials and specific tools are dedicated for graphite and hardened-steel applications. All tools have a thin layered coating for optimal performance in small-sized applications.


Lightning Series

Lightning series have the typical high feed front-end geometry resulting in chip thinning. Due to this chip-thinning effect, relative high feed rates can be applied as a compensation factor for the small average chip thickness, helping eliminate vibration and tool deflection.


Tornado Series

Tornado Series is a high-performance taper end mill design for acrylic and plastic engraving. It is known as the best end mill for mini acrylic word engraving end mill and trust by the customer around the world.

What We do

Our Projects

Here are some sample of our custom made cutter, we can turn what you think into reality.

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